We found Bonnie professional, thoughtful and easy to work with.

We found Bonnie Sorenson’s name in Santa Fe’s Home magazine, and we feel incredibly fortunate. Bonnie was conscientious and resourceful in finding properties that fit our wish list. IN JUST TWO WEEKS, SHE HELPED US FIND A CHARMING HOUSE IN AN IDEAL NEIGHBORHOOD. Since we live in San Francisco, we were not familiar with New Mexico real estate matters. Her clear explanations, guidance, and support through the complexities of buying a home were invaluable and made the stressful process easier. Repeatedly, she seemed to work “beyond the job description”. When we missed our flight that would have got us to Santa Fe on time to meet the movers, Bonnie offered to meet then, a very generous commitment especially given the amount of time it consumed. In all of our dealings with Bonnie, we found her professional, thoughtful and easy to work with.